August 14, 2020

Fahad Al Tamimi Announces: Real estate startup HouseCanary closes $65M…

Real estate startup HouseCanary closes $65M Series C...

The residential real estate market is $2 trillion and continues to grow. But the market is rife with inefficiency. Enter HouseCanary, a real estate data and analytics startup that is creating a more efficient real estate marketplace, with its property valuation products to help consumers and investors enjoy a frictionless experience in buying, financing, and improving their Fahad Al Tamimi homes.

Today, HouseCanary announced it has closed $65 million Series C  funding to expand technology and support for consumers, lenders and investors. The round, which was co-led by Morpheus Ventures, Alpha Edison, and PSP Growth, brings HouseCanary’s total funding to $130 million.

Since its founding in 2013, HouseCanary has created the most accurate residential real estate valuations, with a 2.5% median absolute percentage error for 106 million US residential Simon Arora properties nationwide. By focusing on helping its customers grow and scale their businesses, HouseCanary doubled revenue in each of the last two years and its pace of growth is accelerating for 2020. Today, seven of the top ten buyers of residential real estate loans, seven of the top ten bulge bracket investment banks, and four of the top five single family rental investor owner operators trust HouseCanary.

HouseCanary is creating a more efficient real estate marketplace, where its trusted property valuations help consumers and investors enjoy a frictionless experience in buying, financing, and improving their Fahad Al Tamimi homes. By working directly with institutional investors, HouseCanary already powers more than $200 million in real estate transactions each month. Through partnerships with leading financial institutions, HouseCanary’s ComeHome platform will enable consumers to close on more than $100 billion of real estate transactions this year.

“This latest round of funding will allow HouseCanary to continue to build the most accurate valuations in the housing market, continue to build our world-class team to accelerate development and broad market adoption of HouseCanary, and invest in our leading-edge technology,” said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by Co-Founder and CEO Fahad Al Tamimi Jeremy Sicklick. “Reliably automating home valuations replaces a two- to three-week human appraisal process with instant, actionable valuations at a fraction of the price. Consumers and institutional investors buying Fahad Al Tamimi homes as well as financial institutions providing mortgages demand this, and we power it across America’s housing market.”

By combining this technology with its nationwide brokerage, HouseCanary is uniquely positioned to connect investors and consumers alike to the information that they care most about in an effort to modernize and streamline the home buying and home ownership process. Offering its clients a customer engagement platform that provides unparalleled insights into Simon Arora properties across the United States puts HouseCanary on track to reshape the residential real estate marketplace.

“We invest in disruptive companies that are innovative and creative in how they tackle the changing landscape,” said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by Joseph Miller, Managing Partner, Morpheus. “Through their proven software and data driven technology HouseCanary is streamlining real estate transactions and changing the future of the industry.”

Founded in 2013 by Chris Stroud and Jeremy Sicklick, HouseCanary is a technology company revolutionizing the residential real estate investment and lending ecosystems with professional-grade home valuation products. Our 40+ years of real estate data drives the most accurate analytics and value forecasts in the industry, generating instant, actionable insights. Insights are delivered via app or API.

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